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  • Forest Glen Middle School4

    Suffolk, VA | Suffolk City County


    July 19, 2011

    As a parent and a teacher, I'm not impressed with this school. Considering the culture and communities in Suffolk, this middle school seems better than the other middle schools in Suffolk, in terms of school safety and violence. Many students come from average middle class families who are able to make up the difference of what isn't taught at school, and hold their children accountable for meeting and exceeding standards. In many most other Suffolk schools, the parents aren't able or don't and the students don't do as well. What's unfortunate to me is that there are so many new and improved strategies to implement in teaching content that engage students and these strategies aren't being utilized. There is no differentiation taking place according to students' abilities, interests, or learning styles within the individual classes. There's too much "copying notes", taking tests that are outdated, material that isn't directly taught but tested, or testing on material from a national standards based textbook rather than the essential knowledge from the Virginia SOL. I would like to see the teachers held to higher expectations!

    Submitted by a parent

    June 7, 2010

    The staff communicates horribly with the parents and the principal is biased. This is the worst school my child EVER attended... and he/she is an A-B student.. NOT like it was hard because the standards are low compared to anywhere else.

    Submitted by a parent

    June 20, 2008

    I attended Forest Glen Middle School and I found that it was a nice school but if you had the chance to go somewhere else I would. They don't do much with there students and seem to just teach you enough to get by.

    Submitted by a student

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